Lacross ball rollout

If I’m experiencing pain during lacross ball rollouts should I stick with it untill the pain dimishes or stop and use a ball with more give such as a tennis ball? It’s usually in my middle back, both sides, or around the traps


My son is 20 years old and uses 2 tennis balls taped together to form what looks like a peanut. He does not use a lacrosse ball. Check out this video to see if you are even massaging the trigger point areas correctly - How to use a Lacrosse Ball to “Roll Out” for Baseball. If it is still painful for you, try tennis balls. There is also a product on the market called TP Massage Ball - “Use to manage minor aches and pains of the muscle by applying moderate, targeted directly to the muscles for deep compression and release”. Look at this video MCT Forearm Release and by watching this video you can see how involved it is to relieve tightness and tension from those trigger spots. I have never used the product so I can not endorse it, but you can see how involved this process can be.


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Thanks a lot for the info. I’ll definitely try the tennis balls because the lacross ball might just be something I have to work up to.