Lacking confidence/over thinking is affecting my play (READ)

Ok I’m a 17 yr. old righty. I’m 6’1" about 170 lbs. I throw in the low 70’s (not good). But I think I have a serious confidence problem or I just think to much or something I REALLY NEED ADVICE/OPINIONS/HELP.


Ok whenever I throw a baseball I throw it at a different arm angle every time. I don’t know I have a feeling I just think to much but I also have little confidence in myself to get the ball to my target. Both of these effect my throwing. Sometimes I’m side arm sometimes I’m over hand sometimes I’m three quarters.

It changes so often I don’t know whats natural anymore. I throw sidearm when I’m close to people because over hand I feel like when I’m close I’ll skip it to them. But then far away I cant make it to them sidearm. It’s so messed up how I think.

When I pitch I’m usually over hand but sometimes I drop down and that slows the ball up and then the ball goes flying because it’s a fat pitch and I throw slow enough already sidearm slows it down worse.

Playing infield I sidearm a lot because I don’t want to throw over hand and think I might skip it to first. but then sometimes I throw to high sidearm.

I know this is a horrible way to think but I need a way to gain confidence in my throws and get my arm angle consistent and just stop thinking and play.

in dr. john bagonzi’s book ‘The Act of pitching’ he states that the easiest way to find your strongest arm angle is to go out in the field, put a ball down on the ground and take a running start at it, field it and throw it as hard as u can
and whichever arm angle you use is your strongest

you need to find your mechanics, once you do go thru them slowly 100 times then speed it up a little and do it over and over until your at full speed

then, repeat your mechanics 100 times a day and eventually muscle memory will kick in and you’ll have consistent mechs and a consistent arm angle

Hi magicbumm328,

I understand your situation. The good news is with continued practice of your pitching, you will develop muscle memory that will carry over into the game. Part of your problem is you are not trusting your hard work in practice to carry over into the game. There should be no need for you to feel that you should adjust your pitching motion in the games because you have successfully done it one way in practice. To help keep you in the write focus during games, I would recommend some visualization drills. When the game comes, you should only be focused on trying to throw strikes. Let all these other thoughts and distractions pass through you.

Do not worry too much as you will figure this out.

All the best,
Jack Elliott
Baseball Training Tips

Changing arms slots is something a few finese pitchers do. I did successfully, but I knew a lot of guys that tried and failed. I think you need a certain knack for this to be successful.

First thing is that you must be able to throw strikes from all arm slots with at least a fastball and breaking ball. This is manditory. Otherwise Managers and Pitching Coaches will want to limit you to one arm slot.

2nd realize that some pitches are better from some arm slots than others.For instance my side arm fastball was never as quick as my 3/4s fastball-it was the movement I was after. The natural change in speed was a great bonus-not a liabilty!

3rd Most guys do this to get a different spin inflection on the breaking ball not the fastball.

If you do not have confidence to throw effective strikes-this is not for you! Find your natural arm angle and stay with it! Ian