Lack of flat ground. Need help

okay, in my apartment complex there is a larg area for me to long toss, the problem is, the ground slopes. It not a drastic slope, but it is enough to be noticed. my question is, if I long toss on sloping ground will it be really all that bad for my mechanics? is it better to long toss up hill or down hill? Just need a little insight and any advice. Thanks guys.

Well is there anywhere close to you where you can throw? If there is nowhere else than throw up hill since you would need more legs and strength to get it up hill than it would to throw downhill.

No - if it is just a slight slope - I’d long-toss with what I had. It is usually easier to long toss if you just walk out the door and go somewhere to do it. I found that if I have to get in a car & drive to long-toss I am less likely to do it.

id long toss down hill because its closer to your pitching mechanics off the mound