labrum tear

so i got the mri results and i have a labum tear. the doctor told me it would only be 3 months after surgery until i could throw again but while researching i found that this ends many pitchers careers. i assume there are different degrees of tears. has anyone had this before or have any information on it.

also if i get the surgery i would take the whole year off and i was supposed to play at a juco. now would i have to red shirt or just by not playing i would keep an extra year of eligibility?

if it makes any difference its a D3 juco

my brother used to play juco,

as long as you dont step on the field during fall AND summer, you can wait a year, my brother did

drew, was he still able to practice with the team or did he sit for the whole year

anybody else have any information on labrum tear surgery?

As you probably already know, a labrum tear can be very painful. Its not muscular and leads to a bone on bone and, eventually, an arthritic condition.

I had a labrum tear and was able to start throwing 3 months later. The problem comes when, unlike the rotator cuff where you can get the scar tissue broken up fairly easily, you can’t break up the scar tissue deep in the joint at the labrum. When you can’t get it out of there it becomes a loss in range of motion which usually will lead to other problems. Work HARD at your rehab and make sure your therapist pushes you.

I’ve torn my rotator cuff and frayed my UCL and neither stopped me like the labrum did. At 35 now, 10 years later, after years of mechanical adjustments I can have days that are pain free and throw batting practices and simulate games to the teams I coach, but they are few and far between.

rbish, was yours a SLAP tear? i am kinda hoping that its not to bad of a tear because it only hurts when i throw and not with everyday movements. the doctor says that he needs to bolt the labrum down with something that holds it in place. do you know what causes this, does it have to do with mechanics, something with strength problems or is this just something that just happens?

im pretty sure when your red shirted you practice with the team and all that you just do not play
correct me if im wrong

At the D1 level, if you don’t play in any games, but you practice with the team, it counts as a redshirt year. At the D3 level, there are only medical redshirts. If you practice with the team after a certain date, you lose a year of eligibility.

Also, a SLAP tear is a complete tear from front to back as I understand it. I myself was diagnosed with tendonitis and a posterior labrum tear. I didn’t get surgery as the doctor said it wasn’t too bad but I did take around a month and a half off from throwing while doing rehab exercises.

spencer, hows that working out for you. did your arm get back to 100% after the rehab? do you know how you got your labrum tear? also my shoulder blade in the back feels loose like its outof place alittle bit. will this get fixed once the labrum tear is repaired?

I’ve just started to begin throwing again (I am posting updates in the thread titled an update). I assume my labrum tear is from bowling (Yes, bowling) with poor mechanics and I think throwing too much aggravated it. I don’t know about your shoulderblade but whether you have surgery or not, you will have to address the imbalances in your shoulder.

so i go in for surgery tomorrow. its just arthroscopic so thats alittle better news. any last advice for me before surgery or what to expect after it?

Do what you are told…come back healthy…My good thoughts and wishes to you!

edited because I don’t know what toughts are but I have good thoughts and a prayer for your full recovery :wink:

Good luck, man!

Mine was an anterior tear, posterior is pretty rare as far as I know. Labrum injuries, unless they are really bad, will only hurt when you put the arm in a position that pushed the humerus out of the socket. If you don’t put it in that position it won’t hurt. I would go to the field thinking it felt great only to have the pain return. I had to have it bolted down as well, which of course is a point of scar tissue. All done arthroscopically. Funny part of my rehab, I had my surgery in early June of 99 and I got to about 85% range of motion and couldn’t get over the hump. On 4th of July I was lighting fireworks and burned my finger a little. I jerked my arm back and had a horrible (worst ever) pain in my shoulder. I went to rehab that night had almost 100% ROM. That arm jerk broke up a little scar tissue that was holding me back.

Labrum is almost always a “use” injury that occurs over time. Very rarely do you see labrum in youth pitchers. Throwing causes us to gain external rotation while losing internal rotation of the shoulder joint. Try putting your left and right thumb as far up your back as you can, if you see a difference you know what I mean. As we gain that external rotation the joint becomes more and more unstable. The constant slamming of the head of the humerus against the labrum causes it to eventually give. Some doctors will combine any labrum repair with a capsular shrinkage (think cooking bacon) to tighten everything up. Schilling was one of the first to have this procedure done back when he was with the Phillies and it worked out well for him, until just recently.

Mechanically, I would analyze your timing while you are rehabbing to limit the stress on the shoulder. Now will be the time to make adjustments when you are re-learning to throw.

Hope everything goes well for you, be patient.

thanks for the support guys. i had my surgery and it all went well. the labrum was attached from the bone so the doctor had to reattach it all. he thinks i should be able to regain the mobility and flexibility and be able to throw again. im doing ok, the whole arm hurts but having the sox take 2 outof 3 from yanks definitely helps. i know the rehab will be long and hard but am looking forward to it and know i will come back even better than before.

thats why injurys happen to sox fans

im pretty sure that it includes practice to. not entirely sure though. go to NCAA website and look up their bylaws,

im actually having to reasearch FHSAA by-laws. the board thinks im recruited, and i wasnt, and i have to go before them and solve the matter out, its becuase i played with a travel team associated with the school, and then attended it the next year.

kelvin,not sure what you ment by that but if you are trying to be smart please dont. i wouldnt wish my situation right now on someone i hate the most