Labrum surgery

Hey all,
Been a long time since I’ve been on here, but decided to check back, look around, and ask for some advice. I was diagnosed with a labral tear in mid-April, after it had been misdiagnosed a couple times over the last year. It’s not at all a debilitating injury for me, as the tear only really affects throwing activities. Other than a feeling of instability in the shoulder, I can do most other activities with little to no problems. Anyway, to try to keep this as short as possible, the doc I saw at school recommended surgery, as did the orthopedic surgeon I saw once I got home, if I wanted to be able to throw without problems moving forward.

So, I opted for surgery, scheduled for June 9th. I hear the surgery recovery is awful, especially for baseball players (i.e. one high profile example is Michael Pineda, who was out an absurd amount of time recovering from his surgery, and is now back on the DL), and I know as early as twelve years ago, it was basically a death sentence to a career (it ended Rob Nen’s). Obviously, I’m not looking to resume a professional career like Pineda or Nen, but does anyone have any experience recovering from the surgery and getting back to playing. Tried playing club ball up at school pre-diagnosis and could barely get through warmups, so I just want to get back on the mound at some point.

Just for clarity, I’ll add Nen’s tear was also a rotator cuff tear, and a bad one at that. My rotator cuff is “strong as an ox,” according to one of the docs. Also, for those who inevitably tell me to go the PT route, I did it after the first misdiagnosis, with emphasis on the rotator cuff/labrum and though my shoulder felt great outside of throwing, I still couldn’t throw without pain. Also, the labrum is notorious for not being able to completely heal on PT alone.