Labrum repair in college pitcher

Hi, im currently about 3 and a half months out of surgery from about as light a labrum repair as there can be, i had no damage to any other part of the shoulder and had just 2 anchors put in, i already have full range of motion, with very little pain at extreme arm positions. Before the injury i was very blessed to be able to throw in the low 90’s with pretty good consitancy. Yet as my injury progressed i saw my velocity drop to the point were i couldnt even touch 90. I know this injury is by no means a good one to have for a pitchers future,but i was just wondering with the way things are going is there any chance of becoming a better/ stronger pitcher from it given a 2 year time frame?

Yes but you have to do the rehab pt with religious fervor. I think you can develop back in that time frame. Once you are healed you are going to have to recondition your entire throwing system again but you’ll have to build it patiently, that is when you risk re-injury imo, if you get impatient and your arm isn’t ready for 90…well it could be uncomfortable.