Kyle's random strength/power workouts

I keep a log of all of my workouts and figure since I get asked all the time for workout plans that this could be a good place to put them.

About me:

Age: 27 (old)
Height: 6’1" (short)
Weight: 220 (fat)

Approximate 1RMs ~220 lbs BW
Squat: 425 (decent)
Deadlift: 470 (reasonable)
Bench: 245 (pathetic)
Power Clean: 225 (even worse)

I train a bunch of guys, so my training is on the back burner for them. That said, I usually find time to get 3 full-body workouts in, and since I’m primarily in maintenance mode as my amateur season ramps up, it’s not too bad.

Now that the self-deprecation is finished, here’s today’s workout:

Tuesday, 3/22

Finally got a good, full-ish workout in today.

Squat - Maintenance

Bench Press

Was surprised to get this so easily, haven’t been benching much.

DB Row - 2x10x85
Chins - 4, 4, 4
DB Push Press - 10x55
Countermovement Box Jumps - 3x3, superset 4x lunge to OH reach
Medball - 1x10 Side Scoop Toss per side, 2x10 Rotational Chest Pass per side
Small Medball - 2x5 trampoline toss, 2x5 wall toss
Some band work, Pallof pressing, etc

Took a few rounds of batting practice and videotaped me hitting from three locations - down/in, down the pipe, and middle-away (usually my worst spot). 60 MPH from 40 feet; reaction time equivalent to 82.5 MPH from a standard release point (55 feet).

Oh yeah, and the average day at our place:

Another video coming relatively soon with more power/explosive/plyometric stuff.

EDIT: And what I look like these days:

Some videos:

My baseball swings:

Notes on my swings:

[quote]-Dry Swing Mechanics. I feel that this is my best swing right now. Not necessarily the MLB swing, but close enough for me for the 2011 season. I plan on doing very little, if any, mechanical tinkering.
-Pitch down/slightly in. Don’t miss here (as evidenced). This is my pitch to hit and I very rarely miss it. I’m like a left-handed batter in that regard.
-Pitch middle/in on hands. I have trouble hitting this pitch with any real power, but I can usually pull it for a single past the third baseman, or give him a scare.
-Pitch middle/out on the black. This is my biggest weak spot. I give this pitch up with less than two strikes, because amateur pitchers cannot locate hard fastballs on the outside black with any consistency. I do not have problems with soft stuff out there, as I can dump it into RF relatively well. I just can’t hit it for too much power. (Though the result of this video’s swing is a likely double to deep RCF.)[/quote]

I am very happy with my swing mechanics at the moment. I just need to gain consistency in batting practice, as I let my lead arm drop occasionally and I end up dumping the barrel and rolling over on contact. Must initiate the movement with the glutes hard and then the bat moves in a circular path around the collar bone.

Back squat 365# depth check: