Kyleb quoted in article by Eno Sarris

An article on Yu Darvish and predicting pitching injuries entitled “The Past Predicts the Future” by Eno Sarris of Sports on is featured in an email I just received from

Kyle Boddy is quoted and Driveline Baseball Academy is referenced. Congrats Kyle :

Thanks Dino! Eno and I are co-writers for THT/Fangraphs and we had some great email exchanges.

I just keep seeing this young man do things to make a difference in the art.

Kyle glad to have watched you grow…all stubborn and polite…what a pleasure to see how you’ve done things. 8)


Thanks jd. Slowly but surely. As Mark Cuban likes to say, all that you can really control is your level of effort.

Great stuff

Agree, real nice piece!