Koby Stansel Pitching Analysis


First, you appear to use an “up, down and out” front leg motion. You don’t get your center of mass moving forward until after your knee lift. That limits momentum and allows your front leg and hips to open early. It also makes you slower to the plate which means you need to use a different motion (slide step?) with runners on base.

Second, you stride to the throwing arm slide and then tilt your upper half to the glove side to try to square up your shoulders to the plate. That can misdirect energy away from the target which can rob velocity. It pulls the release point back and raises it up making it harder to keep the ball down and put good spin for breaking pitches. And it gives the batter more time to see and react to the ball. Try moving further to the glove side of the rubber (hard to do on that portable mound) to reduce the tilt.

@Roger I am uploading a second video for you to look at also, if you don’t mind. Thanks for your feedback!