I often throw the knuckleball with out or maybe half a spin on the way to the plate and it seems like its going straight and dipping at the last second.

I practice on my own and as I watch the ball I cannot see any movement from my angle, is this the way it should be?

Is there a minimum of velocity required for the ball to change angles in the air?


65 to 67 mph is ideal knuckleball speed – or so we were taught in the Cubs organization. I never threw it or experimented with it, so I don’t have personal experience with the pitch. But I can tell you from watching Wakefield throw it, that he’s in the 65 to 76 mph range when it’s really working.

How many, if any, pitchers in the MLB have a knuckleball that they throw not as a dominant pitch like Wakefield but a primary fastball pitcher that mixes in a knuckleball? Sorry if this doesn’t make sense but Wakefield throws like 1 fastball to every 7 knuckleball but are there any pitchers who throw like 1 knuckleball to every 5 or 6 fastballs or around that ratio?

Highly unlikely. The closest you will get is Orlando Hernandez throwing one Eephus pitch per game.

Tim Lincecum threw a knuckleball in high school.

Yeah well our best varsity pitcher does it, and our best JV pitcher last year had one that he threw a bit in the summer but he’ll be on varsity next year that’s about it though but still quite a bit.

Im a knuckleball amatuer. I throw a few in the last game and they where going nuts. Id say throw it about 10-20% off your fastball and change the speed of the pitch. It doesnt matter about how much it moves cos that can be bad (throwing an outside pitching breaking in goes over the wall a lonnggggg way lol) But worry about the downward break, if that works hitter cant see the ball right. I throw it at about 65-75, with 1/3 being a spotted strike.
Good luck with it