how do you throw a knuckle curve i dont want to learn a normal curve because of the chance to hurt your arm thanks

Same risk. A curve is a curve is a curve. So a knuckle curve won’t reduce your risk of injury. But many pitchers find it easier to throw. That said, here’s a link to pics:

I picked up the knuckle-curve when I was about thirteen—and I think Mike Mussina picked his up the same way and for the same reason. I had wanted to try a plain old knuckleball, but I got nowhere with it because I couldn’t get the hang of the stiff wrist you’re supposed to have; I had a good curve ball that had come attached to my natural sidearm delivery and I threw it with a sharp wrist snap. But I discovered that there is such a pitch as a knuckle-curve, and I experimented with the grip and I picked it up pretty quickly. It became my second-best pitch (my best one, which I learned about three years later, was a good sharp-breaking slider).
So I don’t see any problem with learning this pitch. The only real difference is in the grip; you throw it exactly the way you’d throw a curve ball, and it can be a good addition to the repertoire. 8)

i dont think you need to snap yourwris you still get some break

You are throwing Hootens’ knuckle curve which I have posted somewhere on the board how he threw it.-The search engine is your friend, Ian.

which curve do you want to throw. burt hooten flick his fingers hard withas kncukle ball grips. me and mussina. take the curve grip bend the index finger back and snap the ball down with the middle finger

I throw the knuckle curve by knuckling my index and middle finger and throwing like a fastball, full speed arm action gives me late break and looks a little like a splitter and a little slower arm action (80%) and looser grip gives me a big hook curveball. Always with a fastball arm action though. I flick my fingers forward to get more and differnet curve action. I need to get some pics and post the, maybe tomorrw.