This is what i dont get about the knucklecurve, isnt a knuckleball not supposed to have any spin, but yet a curve needs to have as much spin as possible, how does the k.c. work? :?

Well a true to the name knucklecurve is a pitch that is thrown with a knuckleball similar grip. You push out hard with the top fingers, imparting a curveball rotation on it. It’s a difficult pitch to throw, but can be fairly deceptive and effective if executed well.

The other, more common knucklecurve you hear about is basically a modified curveball. The pointer finger is dug into the ball, next to the middle finger. It is then thrown like a regular curve.

I’ve tried both a regular curveball and a knucklecurve(the latter variant). I generally find that my plain curve is thrown harder, and has a tighter spin which results in a quicker 1:00-7:00 break. The knuckle curve on the other hand has a slightly sloppier spin for me, resulting in a slower pitch that has less break. It does however have straight 12:00-6:00 break, because the main benefit of a knucklecurve is that you can stay on top of the ball more. I’ve since chosen to use the plain curveball, but sometimes I break out the knucklecurve if I’m trying to bury the ball in the dirt for a wastepitch.

I throw the knucklecurve and thats the only curve i can throw it has a 2 to 8 drop to it atleast for me :shock:

If your trying to throw Hootens pitch, you are trying to impart spin by flicking it off your thumb so it has tremendous overspin by using your knuckles. Here’s a tip start with a solid wiffle ball-not the type with holes-and learn to spin it off your thumb with your bent index and third finger. When it starts exploding downward, you havwe the process and can graduate to a baseball. This takes very strong fingers.

I have a request into Mr. Hooten that he might explain to the board how he threw it. I hope he was the time to respond; He was the master!