How do u throw a good knuckler???

Well can solve that problem.

How old are you and why are you worrying about throwing a knuckleball? Or are you just curious?

I’m 14 and i just need a pitch to freeze guys look at my pitches.

  1. 4 seam 70-72
    2)2 seam 65-68 brk 4 inches
    3)Circle change 50-55 brk 7inches
  2. Slider 60-64 brk 1 foot

Drop the slider. Your way too young and besides if you were throwing it correctly you would feel a lot of pain, trust me.

If you want an alternative to the slider try the cutter.

Read that, it will teach you all to know about that pitch.

Those are all the pitches you need just master them and their location and you should be fine.

THe knuckleball is a great way to get your catcher mad at you

yes it is and I know :lol:

^ amen brother amen

thats why I never throw a kball with no outs and runners on