What do you guys think about them? I can throw one without spin and good move ment. I can get it over for a strike. Do think it’s good for high school ball. My coach says that my knuckle is the best he has ever seen. So, do you think I should throw it? And do think I will have good success with it?

It’s hard to answer posts like these because the bottom line is that we can’t see the pitch. We can’t see if it has good movement. We can’t tell if it would work against hitters. We can’t tell you that its the best pitch that we’ve ever seen. If your coach likes it, then stick with it. If he has no problems with you throwing it, then throw it. While a knuckle ball is an unconventional pitch in terms of many people throwing it, if it works for you then it works for you. You don’t need the approval of the people on this forum to throw each and every pitch.

Maybe, just mix it in with fastball changeups (or use it as a changeup) and curveballs, then see if they hit it, and make your decision. That is what I am doing, also I found that you get better movement if you have very little forward rotation on it like the rotation of a 12-6er., because that will change the flow of the air, and randomize the movement more

I throw it with a curve, change and fastball.

I throw a knuckle, if it works use it. I got told not to use it, but because it was destructive against agressive lineups i got told to use it. Im a pitcher in A grade in australia and it hasnt been hit yet. So have fun watching the batters faces after it breaks them

If it works, then I would throw it.

Also, you don’t have to be a dedicated knuckleballer to throw one well. Back in the day many guys had a knuckle ball as their 3rd or 4th pitch.

Maybe it’s just my eyes but I can recognize the knuckle ball’s lack of spin a mile away. I prefer that my pitchers throw a change-up since the spin is more deceptive.

Why not? If you are getting outs with it, go for it.

Phil Niekro had an excellent sinking fastball and slider for many years. His brother Joe had both, and a curve too. Tom Candiotti had both fastball and curve. So chris is right, there is a prescendent.

When to use it? hmmm, Well first off, when no one is own base seems good. Maybe as a good firstball strike, as you fastball will look very quick after the knuckle wafts in. Use your curve as a test:If you curve is not being called for strikes, you knuckler probably will struggle as well.

If its working by all means keep it. Uhm…you might take you catcher out for a nice dinner every once in while too, Ian,

the knuckleball is sometimes a tricky pitch. if i was you i’d see how the knuckler is workin that day. i know some days mine can be totally unhittable and it can dance all over the place. :lol: then theres those other days… :cry: I just usually throw it while im playing catch with my catcher before i take the mound. If i can’t throw it perfect at least 8 times out of 10, then i just forget about it and go with the heater/curve combination. its a nice tool to have in the box but i wouldn’t force it. they go a long ways when they don’t dance…