Knuckleballer's Off-Season Log

Okay, so I’m sure all of you who have seen me on the boards know I love my knuckleball and I use it a whole lot.

Well, I’ve been working this off-season and I have changed my 3 fingered grip to 2 fingered, perhaps my hands grew a little bit.

I have found a fall-league in Northern Utah to join and I’ve been making great strides with my dad who had an accomplished knuckleball in High School. I have read “The Knucklebook” over and over.

I am learning new release drills such as soft tossing to my pitchback or hot potato with no spin.

I threw some BP to a younger summer league that still is going while ours started earlier and I of course dazzled and confused lots of them.

Glad to finally start a log and I’m glad to be here.

I remember hearing a few years ago that a knuckleball pitcher had been recruited by one of the big baseball schools in Florida (Gators, I think). The press made a big deal of it because he was one of the first straight knuckleballers to get attention from a big program. I always wondered how he fared at the college level.

Anyway, good luck!

You must be talking about Sean Flaherty. His first start I read, nobody on the other team had sean k-balls before.
Sean Flaherty’s summary of that game.
1st inning: “They laugh at my slow pitches”

3rd: “Startled about not hitting that slow a pitch”

5th: “They were getting yelled at by the coach”

7th: “Being coached from stands”

9th: “All the bench players were in”

Pustulio, do you hold all of your pitches like a knuckleball? sorta like Tim Wakefield.

No, I do rear back with a knuckleball grip and I shift quickly before I go forward, it disguises the fact I’m throwing something else pretty well.

i never really thought of doing that. that’s pretty clever. i throw a knuckleball too, but i don’t disguise all of my pitches. i might be more affective if i did that.

Yeah, I had just thought of doing it this last season and it worked.

hmm, pretty clever. i’ve been having some trouble with my knuckleball lately though. it spins too much and i have no clue how to fix it. :? do you know anything i could do to fix it? oh and is there a book that talks about a knuckleball cause i’d love to read it.

“The Knucklebook” by Dave Clark.

Go to, those guys own. Make sure you repeat the same delivery so that you don’t spin the ball too much, maybe put it closer to your palm.[/url]


So after several knuckleball workouts with my dad he told me to stop that finger movement to shift grips, it really hurts my control even though it is deceptive.

Now though I am throwing a 4-seam and…
finally I can work a 2 seamer!

I raised my arm angle a bit and it hasn’t affected my knuckleball much but, my velocity is up big time, still with good movement!

Yeah my curveball stinks but, I still work to try and get it good enough to throw in a game and maybe get the batter thinking about something else.

Oh and just wondering is it okay if my 2-seam fastball has more of a cutter movement than a back in movement? My 4-seam tends to be easier to spot though.