Knuckleballer's Bullpen Log

Threw my first real bullpen of the year yesterday.

Knuckleball- Was fluttering okay, needs some work though, getting 2-3 flutters need to be getting 4-5. Still got the nasty late drop though, missing inside a lot but I guess lateral control can’t be expected from this pitch.

Fastball- More pop than last year but still not as much as I had when throwing in the winter. Some control issues, not hitting my spots down and in or away, can keep it down but not in or out at will. Probably need to work on getting some movement on that sucker but control is #1 priority right now.

Spike curve- Over the winter switched my grip from a traditional curve to a spike curve. Tighter spin than traditional curve, in the pen, had trouble keeping it down, can’t leave a pitch like that high, also had problems missing outside, break isn’t late enough.

Changeup- Not really a pitch I throw a lot but need to have in my back pocket just in case. Arm action is slower according to my catcher, sort of tipping it. Misses low a lot, need to keep consistent motion with fastball and maybe tighten grip a little to subtract velocity.

Eephus- Just something I’m toying around with, difficult to throw for strikes but feel it could be useful sometime maybe once in a game after a few heaters, not really a repertoire pitch just a once in a while thing. Coming along though.

This weather is terrible. I haven’t been able to throw a bullpen, mother nature played a great April Fool’s prank and dropped a foot of snow on us.

Not real bullpens but got to throw off of a gym floor on friday and off of a hill that has similar dimensions to a mound.

Knuckleball- Getting my full flutter back it sounds like, being told good things, not getting a good explanation (nobody does with a knuck) but being told it’s dancing and dropping, just gotta keep making them dance and filing my nails. Staying on top of it, landing on the ball of my foot and less toe drag are my focus points, helps kill spin.

Fastball- Feels, looks and sounds like I’m getting more pop on it and I’m hitting spots better, still gotta work on keeping it down a little bit more. I think it’s a release point issue.

Spike Curve- Geez, the curveball woes continue. I cannot throw a decent curve to save my life right now. Little to no break, leaving it up, a big fly waiting to happen. I don’t know what the problem is, it’s been sick in the past and I guess it’s just disappeared.

Change- Looks good, hopefully won’t have to use it much in the regular season but still working on it, good speed differential but sometimes I’m still slowing myself down slightly I can feel it.

Eephus- Getting it for strikes, gotta talk coach into letting me use it in a game when we have practices again (blasted snow).

hooked a few too many knucks gotta stay behind the ball. balls cover is getting soft and makes my fingers stick a little everything else looks good except the curve, idk whats up with the ever so challenging to throw duece.

Got my stuff working finally, threw a real bullpen on Wednesday about 30 pitches is all. Getting movement on my fastball, knuck is looking good, change is okay and the curve is finally getting it’s bite back but I’m having a tough time controlling it.

Friday threw to some batters in sort of a mess around session with some of us after practice. K’ed one on my fastball. Got most people to hit shallow flies and grounders. One knuckler got hit hard but most of them were just weak hits.

First game is next Saturday in Green River at 1. I don’t think I’ll get the start but I’m sure I will pitch some.

Threw a little 20 pitch bullpen, new catcher on the team, claims he could crush my knuck but he couldn’t even catch it.

Fastball’s got movement, duece is not in the zone and changeup is getting drop.

Scrimmage tomorrow in Green River. Coach said he’ll have all the pitchers throw an inning to see how they’re doing. Hopefully my inning goes 1-2-3.