Knuckleballer in Wyoming

Okay, so I usually play OF and 1B in baseball but, after our first practice my coach insisted that I be a pitcher this year so I agreed. We don’t really have high school ball in Wyoming however Evanston has a legion team so we can still play even though we barely have a team. I don’t throw hard at all I throw a lot of junk, I am 15 years old and I throw in order of usage:

  1. Knuckleball
  2. Cutter
  3. Apple Ball (variation of splitter)
  4. Eephus

I know these aren’t very common but, they work for me, I get the outs that I need. The knuckleball I throw most of the time with a cutter every now and then to keep them honest.

I only throw an Apple or Eephus as sort of a surprise pitch because most people don’t see them from me much or at all for that matter. The apple I throw once or twice a game each most of the time. My eephus is only used once every other game to make someone look like a fool. I am a relief pitcher so I pitch alot of games seeing as we only have 10 players total on the team. When I don’t pitch I’m usually in left field because I’m a good outfielder and my coach wants my hitting in the order.

Well I’m glad to have joined this community and look forward to talking with you all in the future.

i would try and get a faster pitch in there to set up your knuckleball. a fastball, cutter, then a low knuckleball will get somebody out. i do it all the time

Well my cutter I feel goes fast enough, I get people out so here’s what I usually do.
I mostly throw my k-ball and then if the count gets to 2-2 or 3-2 even 3-1 I will blow either the cutter or apple ball by them seeing as it will not give them time to react.

The eephus is just to confuse someone once in a while (not every game).