I was wondering if there are any decent knuckleballers here. I can throw a excellent knuckle and at about 50-55mph. Accurate also. I wondering do you think the knuckle ball is as important as other pitches if throw well. Is it possible that tou can use you knuckleball as a change-up? Considering I haven’t a change-up, The knuckleball is the same arm speed as my fastball and is about 25-30mph slower with varying movement. Help me with my Q’s please. Thanks. :?: :?: :?:

I feel the biggest drawback to the knuckleball is that the batter can spot the spin - or lack thereof - from a mile away. So even with the same arm slot and arm speed as your fastball, the deception factor isn’t as good as with the change-up.

Oh, Mabey I will try it out in a scrimmage sometime. Then how does Tim Wakefield have so much sucess with the knuckleball? I agree with your statement to a point, but if you keep the batter guessing then he wouldn’t spot it as easily. Or in certain cases like when you have a poor batter at the plate. I also have other pitches to use. I have a Knuckle Curve a 4SFB, 2SFB, KnuckleBall, and a 12-6 Curve. So I don’t have to rely on my Knuckleball for outings. I was just wondering since my regular change-up was poor, could I substitute my Knuckleball for it? Under certain circumstances, I think it could act like a change-up. Or, should I work on a change-up to go with the knuckleball because the batters would think that I relyed on my fastball and went to my knuckle for a change-up and when I threw the actual change-up they would think it was a fastball. because of the spin like you said. I like the theory make the batte rhit you pitch. I like 0-2 1-2 even 2-2 counts because you make make the batter have to hit a pitch that he don’t like if you put it in the strike zone. Thats what I do with the knuckle right now. Thanks. :lol: