I’m a 14 yr old lefty and I want to thro the knuckleball. I’ve got the grip down and killed some of the rotation. But I still have alot of backspin so it doesn’t dance, it’s more of a change-up. How can I get better with my knuckler?

i suggest gripping it on a spot where there is no sm so u can amplify no spin… let it sit in your palm and apply backward force to the back of the ball sort of pushing it :slight_smile:

keep a real stiff wrist

you really just have to work on timing the flick of your wrist

Visit Knuckleball HQ, buy the knuckleball book, and watch Dave’s video. Ian

You might also want to talk to “Wyoming Wakefield”, otherwise known as Pustulio. He seems to be the resident expert on all things knuckleball, and I’ll bet he has some good tips you can use. :idea: