Please watch my video of a knuckleball. Its four min but please watch all the way!!! I think I am getting some good movement tell me what you think.

Thank you

You will get many more answers to your question on this this site:

While getting an answer may take up to a few weeks on that forum, experienced knuckleballers will give you their advice.

As for movement, your knuckleball looks pretty good.

Thanks man yeah I put it on that site. Just figured it would not hurt to see what non kball pitchers say. But yeah thanks for the time man.

It’s so hard to tell on camera unless it’s a real good HD camera how good a knuck really is. The good thing I see is that you’re getting drop on the ball which is the most important part of the knuckler. There were a few dirty ones there at the end where it was easier to see the movement.

Keep working on it, try throwing them different speeds and toy around with it some more. It looks pretty good, just remember to use your legs and try to throw that little bugger for strikes.

Thanks for your input and time Pustulio :slight_smile:

that side is great. you are getting some pretty good movement. its moving in about 2 directions furing flight. throw it slower for more

No, I would advise the opposite if anything, the slower ones are the soft fluttering ones the violent ones are usually thrown harder, watch R.A. Dickey pitch.