How do you grip a knuckleball?

Pustulio’s the man for this…

Well I’ll answer it the same way Phil Niekro would. “How do YOU grip it?”

You just have to find one that’s comfortable. Most good knuckleballers have a two finger grip with the index and middle fingers and they stabilize with the ring and thumb. Some people like Early Wynn gripped it with the middle three and stabilized with the pinky instead of the ring. Very rarely you’ll find someone who can kind of throw it four fingers but that’s tough. Jared Fernandez throws off one knuckle and one fingertip.

There are several different grips and it’s your own personal choice, grip where it’s comfy on the ball. If you like the seams go with that, if you like the leather grip it there. If it’s easier for you to use knuckles then do it even though fingertips are usually used.

You have to find your own grip nobody can tell you how to grip it. Phil Niekro threw it on the leather around the narrow seams and Joe gripped it along the wide seam itself. Even between two successful brothers they gripped it differently.

Just always make sure you have a stiff wrist and that you follow it out. Keep it close to your palm so that there is less room for the ball to spin before even coming out.

thank you for the advice. ill play around with like 6 grips and see whch is best. haha :smiley:

Hey pustulio, you got any video of yourself throwing this knuckeball you speak of?

I think I have an old one from when I was in babe ruth a long time ago laying around on a minidisk somewhere.

I’ll have to get some video, I don’t throw the knuckleball as my exclusive pitch anymore though, I’ve been mixing in more fastballs and curves so now the knuckler is just part of my repertoire.

The problem is my camcorder uses minidisks and my mac won’t accept minidisks so I’ll have to use someone else’s computer to put it on youtube. It’ll probably look like garbage on video. I think I have some video of a bullpen session from last year too before I got my fastball going and my curveballl breaking.