Knuckleball velocity

I have no problem throwing my knuckleball with no spin, But hown can I increase the velocity of my knuckleball across 60 feet?

Thanks for any responses

throw it harder?

Start throwing the ball from 70 ft. or more while practicing. Or even just make sure you are using your fastball mechanics with the knuckleball. Your mechanics shouldn’t change for your knuckler.

you probably dont throw hard enough right now increase your velocity like when i started to throw a forkball it was so slow it wouldnt do anything now i throw harder and i can get some extra movement.

What worked for me is a longer stride (I used to have a way too short of stride with it) and I also brought my hips around faster and to keep everything timed right, I break my hands sooner and it works.

I agree, you need to have the same mechanics you could be trying to change a little to throw the knuckler