Knuckleball help

i can throw it without any spin. but it just goes straight. how can i get movement on it. wud i have to throw it harder

I’m assuming you need to throw it harder. The seams can’t really react to the air currents unless it’s going around 50 mph at least. Another possibility could be that you just can’t see the movement, I know how that feels, sometimes I throw my knuck on a day and I don’t see the movement and I ask my catcher and he tells me it’s fluttering all around. So ask whoever is catching it how it’s moving before you try to change anything.

You might also be pushing it, you should throw it with fastball like mechanics but maybe tweak it a little. I really just throw mine like a fastball but I stiffen my wrist.

But at 50 mph all it really does is just sink at the end. 66-67 is the perfect speed for a knuckleball.

so when i just play catch from 10-15 feet, nothing should happen right. it should just go straight with no spin.

but as i go farther n throw harder , it gets movment on it

Yes, that’s correct.

FutureKaz, you don’t know much about the knuck do you? Hoyt Wilhelm, arguable the greatest knuckleballer ever threw his knuck mostly in the low 50s. The whole point of me saying 50 is that it reacts to the air around that speed, meaning it moves that way. That’s about how hard I throw it and it usually gets 3 flutters and a big drop. Nothing but drop comes from anything lower then 50 or in some cases high 40s.

If you really want to work on that knuck then go to, it has all sorts of members that will help you out. You can also buy “The Knucklebook” by Dave Clark, that book covers a lot of things on the knuckler.

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great, thanks

i guess ur the one to ask for k ball help

Pust, maybe I’m getting confused here but then I throw my knuck at about 50
all it does is sink but maybe thats because there’s basically no humidity where I live.

[quote=“futureKazmir”]Pust, maybe I’m getting confused here but then I throw my knuck at about 50
all it does is sink but maybe thats because there’s basically no humidity where I live.[/quote]

Dude, Wyoming is the driest place known to man in the summer. I don’t think you’re really throwing it 50, either that or you’re putting too much spin on the ball kaz. The drop is a good thing though, you want drop, drop is good, it could also be your seam orientation or your release point.

you can control the movement you get on the knuckleball
you probaly wont see
if you see that it is not rotating much its alright
you wont see the movement but the batter will

Mostly right kelvin. You’re definitely correct in saying that the pitcher can’t see most of the movement.

However you don’t want to control the movement unless you can mix the corkscrew in, you see it’s best if the pitch is just unpredictable like my 3 flutters first off aren’t always the same 3 flutters and they don’t always flutter three times, sometimes less and on some of them more. Then every now and then I get myself a surger or a deccelerator.

hey Pustulio,

do u haev any vids of urself throwign the k-ball
n wut grip do u use

Isn’t it best for the knuck to have a bit of spin? preferrably like 1 and 1/4 rotations by the time it reaches home plate?

ive seen tim wakefields not move at all
i dont know how

doesnt the movement come from air resistance on the seams

well Pust according to my JUGS radar gun When it goes 50 all it does is sink and guess what Wyoming isn’t the driest place know to man if you can throw a wiggly knuckler at 50 and all I can do is throw a sinking knuckler at 50, so i guess thats means Petersburgh,NY is the driest place known to man at summer time.

Loco, No unfortunately all my attempts in video taping it have failed as when I get someone to get the camera out they suck at video taping, ever since those attempts nobody has been willing to tape me. I use a 2 finger grip inside the horshoe.

3and0, they say it is good to have a little rotation on it and the reason people say that is because it changes seam orientation mid flight so the wake behind the ball will move however, if you throw it right you won’t have to worry about it because you want it to be unpredictable, don’t try to control what kind of spin you put on it, just throw it with as little spin as you can and it’ll do all sorts of things.

Kaz, either your JUGS is wrong our the police radar gun my coach uses is wrong. But seriously Wyoming is one of the driest places in the United States in the summer. The only drier places in the U.S. are the Mohave Desert and Southern Utah. Kaz it’s also possible that my knuck doesn’t rotate as much as yours does as I’ve been throwing the knuck longer than you and mostly what I work on is my knuck. I also believe I’ve done more research on the knuck than you have.

Kelvin: Wakes moves (not spins) but moves a ton you just have to see it from the right angle to see the dance. You are close to the correct answer on why it moves. The air catches the seams and creates a large and uncontrollable wake of air behind the ball that literally wags the ball around as new air currents come through and as the ball flies through the air. Some scientists have predicted the movements of the knuckleball so fast that the human mind can’t react in time thus a good dancer is almost impossible to hit on purpose, in fact some of the flutters are supposedly so fast that the human nervous system can’t even pick up on them to see them.

Anymore questions?

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Idk whenever i throw my knuckleball i throw it around 50 and sometimes it will drop and sometimes it will wiggle.