Knuckle vs. Spike Curve?

Is there any difference between a knuckle curve and a spike curve? i throw one with the nail of my index finger dug into the horseshoe part of the seam and then my middle finger along the long seam. i know that some people throw one with the first knuckle of their index finger against the ball as opposed digging the nail into the seam.

how do you throw a spike curve?

the knuckle curve’s nickname is the spike curve because of the way to spikes down in the dirt. SAME PITCH

alright good so i’m not crazy, they are the same pitch…i think it’s called a spike though because of the way your index finger looks when its tucked against the ball…it really gives me the tightest rotation of any curve grip that i’ve tried and i feel like i can throw it harder

Tim Lincecum throws a spike curve. It another name for an absolute hammer curveball. Just ‘spikes’ straight down.

No, he does not. That is not the reason for the name of a spike curve. A spike curve is just another name for a knuckle curve, because you “spike” your finger into the ball. A “true” knuckle curve was what Burt Hooton threw.