Knuckle Curveball

I am starting to mess aorund with this pitch and ive heard its hard to master , but when you got it down it is deadly.

Is this pitch really better than a normal curveball or any other offspeed at that ?

I would love to continue learning it because of the way it can be thrown but i also dont wont to be wasting my time

What do you guys think?

Absolutely love the pitch. My son throws it and with a lot of success.

He throws it as a power curve. Maybe around 75-76 mph off of his fastball.

I throw a variation of th knuckle curve or spike curve As it’s also called. My middle finger goes straight up in between the two seams on a ball while my index finger curls in pushing my knuckle into te ball. Staying on top has produced excellent 12-6 movement for me. The most important thing with this pitch is staying on top. Remember to pull your midsection in to pull your shoulders forward, which helps with staying on top. I’ve utilized this pitch to much success and prefer it over the sweeping 11-5 curve I used to throw.