Knuckle Curve

Do you throw a knuckle curve like you would a curve ball or a fastball?

Like a regular curve ball I do believe. Someone else can clarify if necessary.

I’ve always heard the knuckle curve is easier on the arm than a regular curve because you throw it like a fastball. But, obviously, the middle finger must get over the top of the ball somehow if the ball is to break like a curve ball. I think the grip tends to lead to some supination which questions whether or not it really is safer than a regular curve ball.

To throw a knuckle curve you throw it like a fastball, but (if you don’t already know) you hold it like a two-seamer, then bend your index finger.

There’s 2 or 3 different definitions of a knuckle curve. The two I know are:


Tuck your index finger behind a seam (can grip either like a 2 or 4 seam?) and flick it when you release

-Curveball type

As seen on this website, you adjust your regular curve grip as it shows.

i always throw a knucklecurve index finger tucked like nail dug into the ball and flick it like a regular curve… mine has a hard break :stuck_out_tongue:

You can throw it either way. It depends on how deep you hold the ball. Holding it as loose as your fast ball, you should throw it regular curveball style. Holding it deep in the palm will create pressure pressue on your middle finger and thumb, so you can throw it like a fastball. The pressure on the fingers will make your hand “turn over” instead of having to turn it over yourself.