I have been reccomended the knuckle curve by fellow side arm pitcher Zita Carno.
So I went out and learned the grip, got out the improv backstop up against the tree, and threw afew. I dont know if I’m not snapping hard enough or getting enough spin. But it looks like something i just wanna be a batter for. A nice, slow, easy ball to crush. It breaks just a little bit, and it looks just so slow. What should I do? Any tips? Thanks!

This might help.

Thank you! That explains alot! I was trying to flip my wrist like a regular curveball. Thanks for the great video

mussina did flicked his wrist like a regular curveball. so did sandy koufax.

this pitch he’s talking about is a good little league breaking ball but it’s very rare that somebody gets it to work good enough for it to be sucessful at a higher level. you need some pretty big and strong fingers.

that palmball hes talking about though is correct and is exactly the pitch i’ve been throwing for the last 10 years.this is not a regular change up but a kind of forkball for people with smaller hands.

I was starting to think that… What is the best way then? Neither really broke as exxagerated as I heard knuckle curves do.

i dont know how old you are and i dont know how much you know about pitching but i’ll just tell you that, a breaking ball isnt just about the amount of break more than the sharpness of it. if you can get a good bite on it, go for it. the later the break the better even if it only breaks 3 inches. the thing about knuckle curves or spike curves usually is the fact that people usually get it to start on a flat trajectory to the plate unlike a regular curveball that usually starts by going up a little then breaks down. it’s a different view and it looks a lot more like a fastball or change up until it dives down hard.

check out aj burnett’s curveball to see the best knuckle curve in the game. coming straight up flat at around 80 mph and breaks down hard. thats what mike mussina used to throw.

a slider comes out on a straight trajectory too but usually sweeps a little bit more side to side

I’m almost 16 and mine didn’t bite. That’s the problem. It was just a long swooping curve. Thats why I was asking because I realized it was wrong. I know how breaking balls work and what works best. I’ve been experimenting with all different pitches lately. I still haven’t really gotten a constant answer. Flick. Don’t flick. Pull down straight. Please someone just tell me the best way you think it is to effectively pitch a knuckle curve. I’m sorry for being stuck up but I don’t like being treated special for being young. I don’t need people to hold my hand

Hey, sidechuckin, slow down there!
I’m going to tell you a couple of things about the knuckle-curve.
When I was twelve I thought it would be fun to try a knuckleball, but I couldn’t get anywhere with it because of the sharp karate-chop wrist snap I had on my curveball, so I experimented with a couple of different grips and came up with—the knuckle-curve. It’s my understanding that Mike Mussina picked his up the same way—as a kid, got nowhere with the standard knuckler, so he fooled around with it and came up with—the knuckle-curve.
There are several different knuckleball grips one can use for this pitch—and get this now: you don’t actually use the knuckles, but the fingertips or even the fingernails. There’s the two-finger grip, the three-finger grip, and I’ve heard about some pitchers using a one-finger grip, just the index finger and the other three close together on the other side of the ball. I didn’t do that one; I stuck with the two- and three-finger grips, and I even went off-center with them from time to time. You pick whatever grip you’re comfortable with. But you have to throw the darn thing the same way you do the curve ball! You might try the karate-chop wrist snap; it’s a good one. 8)

im a firm believer that everyone has his own curveball wether its loopy or straight, fast or slow , 12-6 or more side to side.
it just depend how the ball is in your hand for you to be confortable, deeper or not, thrown with index or middle finger, palm facing batter or first base…

dont try to get something you might never achieve, get a curveball grip you feel confortable with and pull down on it. if its too loopy you might be doing it wrong. best way to understand it is to turn your wrist a little bit so instead of your palm facing 1 base its now in between first and batter. this way you get more power when you pull down.

Ill just mess around with it some more. I wanna try that sharp karate chop twist you were talking about Zita. Ill give it a try later this afternoon.

I got it!!! Oh my goodness I got it!! The karate chop makes it extremly scary!!! Late extremly Sharp curve going about 1:30 to 8:30. It cuts extremly hard with the karate chop! Thank you so much! This diffenetly will be added to my arsenal!

I like this video, it really explains this pitch well, if you want to throw the 2 finger version:

Have you tried a spike curve? Essenially the same fundametals however instead of placing the knuckle of the index finger on the ball, place the finger tip or finger nail on the ball. This enables all the pressure to be focussed on the the strongest and longest finger, middle finger, and gives the greatest amount of rotation on the correct spot.

Here is a video of my grip, I then throw it just like a fastball.