Knuckle curve or 12-6 curve?

these are two pitches ive been messing around with. i dont really know which one i should throw. the way i throw them they move differently.

MY 12-6 curve : the break is real deep. but bigger than my knuckle curve. by deep i mean not a late break. my 12-6 is a lot slower.

MY knuckle curve : it has a 12-6 or 12-7 break. it has less break than my 12-6. but if i go with it i can get a bigger break. the grip is comfortable than the 12-6 curve. the break is late which i think is better. and i throw it faster. probably be better cause i dont have an overpowering fastball.

im leaning toward the knuckle curve. which one should i throw. what are the advantages/disadvantages.

working on cutter

Dang, a 12 - 7 break must be nasty. Two Planes!

id go with the knuckle because u seem to be more natural and comfortable with it. just keep working on it and try to make it even better, by being able to throw it for strikes in any count. and plus u seem to have that 2 plane movement like hammer mentioned! thats not dirty thats NASTY!!

Why not use them both? Each one would have a particular place in your repertoire, and you can use either one according to the situation in which you find yourself when you’re facing a particular hitter.

I can throw my knuckle curve with a loose grip and get a nice big bend that starts behind the righties and a knuckle splitter (same grip) just hold it tighter and throw it really hard and get more down action.

why do you guys mean by 2 plane movement. and by the way i decided to go with the knuckle curve. this my new arsenal.

4 Seam
2 Seam
Developing Knuckle-curve.

after i almost master my kncukle curve ill probably work on a splitter. shouldnt take me that long. for some reason i learn pitches real fast

i would use both, if you dont have an overpowering fastball that means you dont have a fast curveball even though its faster than your 12-6 this means hitter will see it coming so use your big curve as a show off and strike them out with the pitch that looks like its not going to be your curve. it’ll make it way more effective.