Knuckle-Curve Grip

:shock: Where is it? :lol:

My son was exposed to this pitch and circle change by Jason Hirsch. Played around with it myself and it is a lot easier to throw…once you get used to grip…then traditional curveball. He did have the middle finger higher up up on the seam but not sure if that makes much of a difference. If I was still throwing…it would definitely be something I used.

This was how I used to throw the knuckle-curve: I used two different grips, the two-finger and the three-finger, with one variation—the middle finger in the standard knuckleball position. And I threw it the way I threw my curveball, with a sharp karate-chop wrist snap, which gave the pitch a drop like the way a glass falls and crashes to the floor—and the way the batter swings and hits nothing but air. There is a difference in the speed according to how many fingers are used. Beautiful pitch, and because I was one of those exasperating, infuriating sidearmers I crossfired it a lot, which added to the discomfiture of the hitters. This was my second-best pitch. 8)