Knuckle Curve, Curveball?


You want to try and use the finger “flick” as much as possible, and if your hand is big enough, try to get some space between the ball and your palm just as you do with a fastball.

There will be some forward roll of the wrist but don’t think about it … concentrate instead on the release point and flicking out with the fingers to create the spin. Also experiment with the location of your thumb … ideally it will be underneath the ball, possibly curled or along the inside edge. Control problems occur when the thumb rides up on the side of the ball.


Well, I hold the ball such as Hooten does. My thumb is directly on the underside of the ball. My hands are average size. There have been just a few instances where the ball has bumped the upped part of my palm taking off all of the spinturning it into a knuckle ball.

Thank you very much for the tips. When the snow dries up I will go back out and try it some more.