knuckle ball

My son is 18 & just graduated. His knuckle ball is awesome but we don’t know how to get him seen. We live in San Antonio Texas…any suggestions?

Is he interested in pro-ball or just trying to get into in college program? If so, what division? How competitive was his high school’s conference?

Both…his high school didn’t focas on baseball…it was more of a basketball & football school.our baseball coach was our football coach :frowning:

Check out the high school baseball web and their message boards, a great resource for the whike recruiting process, showcases, etc.

They even have a Texas section, lots of people on there that can give you some solid advice and might know of a program or two looking to add some arms.

College Showcase team! Might need to drive to find one but they will get him in front of coaches that can look at the future.

Thanks so much y’all… I will try that. :wink:

Follow some of the previously posted advice, find a showcase.

I have to be completely honest with you though. As somebody who has experience with a knuckleball. People don’t look at a good knuckleball at a showcase or anything the same way a baseball fan does.

I don’t mean to get your hopes down but I want you to realize that realistically it’s a long shot to even get a second look. So many people think they have a great knuckleball that is pretty good but nothing near R.A. Dickey or Tim Wakefield material. A lot of knuckleballers in high school get outs and win games because people who aren’t used to seeing them can’t adjust to slower pitching, not because it’s dancing all the time.

If you want more information on knuckleball stuff look at if it’s still up that board is full of info and even professional pitchers who used to throw knuckleballs. Read The Knucklebook by Dave Clark.

I hope your kid gets noticed but don’t go in with high hopes, I genuinely love to see knuckleballers get noticed and have success I just know it doesn’t happen very often for a reason.