Knuckle ball tips?

ive tried so many different ways and nothing works at all… :x

any tips?

Knuckle balls for some and not for others…but you can achieve anything with practice but it may be better to work on a different more effective pitch that takes less time to learn than a knuckle unless theres some quick tips. I played with a kid in the summer who was like 13 never played baseball since little league came out throwing sick knuckleballs just screwing around one day. It was just natural for him. will help you out tremendously. Its helped me out.

As Bower said its a natural ability. Im lucky in i can throw them with control and good movement. Ive been throwing it sonce i was 12 and im now 18, the key for me was to balance the ball on ur thumb using ur finger tips of the index and middle fingers. Push your fingers out to counteract the backward motion.
Just remember pratice helps lots

P.S: im also a member of knuckleballHQ

knuckleballHQ is the best spot I’ve found. You also can check out a few big league pitchers throwing knuckle balls here:

FYI only 1 of the 3 youtube videos works…

a knuckler is all practice and repitition. once you find a comfortable grip, just keep tweaking things in your delivery and it will start dancing. if you want to throw it good you have to throw it a lot just playing catch, and in practice.