Knee touching ground

When i pitch sometimes my knee touches the ground when i just release the ball.
When this happens it is always a great pitch no matter what i threw.
Is this bad or does it not matter?
If i need to fix it, how?

As long as you follow through—complete your pitches—there’s no need to worry about it. This is something quite a lot of sidearmers and even some submarine pitchers will do. My guess is you’re throwing that way, so relax. :slight_smile:

I throw over the top. And when my knee does touch the ground thats when i probably follow threw the most.


Tom Seaver was notable as a pitcher who always got a dirty knee, so it isn’t the kiss of death or anything. As long as you are accurate and it doesn’t cause pain (Obviously it in your delivery method doing so, provides a quality pitch) it will be aok.

Classic “drop & drive pitchers” will bump knee on the hill…many will actually have a season long scab there. As JD says, Seaver is the first to come to mind.

If you are already there and successful, no worries. However, I have personally found it dangerous to try and convert an up and down guy to a drop and drive…