Knee Strengthening

I was squatting today for the first time in awhile and every time I came up, my knees would buckle in. Does anybody know of any exercises that I can do to strengthen my knees? I really appreciate it. Thank you

Focus on pushing the knees out during the descent. This is extremely important.

Strengthening the adductors in isolation isn’t the solution to the problem. You just need to seriously focus on your form and drop the weight on the bar if necessary.

Gray Cook recommends placing a rubber resistance band around your knee and pull the knee inward. The idea is to remind you to push your knees out against the band and correct the knees from collapsing in. As Kyle said if you allow your knees to collapse inward, you WILL have knee problems down the way.

I agree with both of the previous posts. Proper form should always be your number one concern over how much weight you can throw on the bar. However, I do believe that you can strengthen the muscles surrounding your knees by performing exercises that will specifically target the quadriceps and hamstrings. Some isolation exercises that might help include leg extensions, and leg curls. You might need to build some strength and muscle around the knees before you can start properly squatting.