Knee related

Ok go, directly behind your knee and a little to the left. when you bend your leg you fell a bone/cartalidge(spelt it wrong)Exactly right next to it(right side) is where it hurts. For some reason since I woke up that area has been hurting lately. But, it never hurts at any other time. Its very annoying I really want it to go anway because I can’t run with it.

And a little side note: my body feels like its breaking down. Every day something different hurts. It feels as thought the bones hurt some times. Not a very good feeling at all

That and my elbow has a dull pain in it a lot lately. Stretch your arm out palm down. the bottom right part of my elbow is where I feel it. I don’t really feel it when I pitch, just more at times when I’m watching tv or not really doing anything.

Can someone help me, please?
Anyone input is welcome

Just a guess but maybe you don’t hydrate enough?

Also, nutrition plays a big part in your recovery and health. Maybe you need to eat more nutritionally?