Knee pain from squats

on the top of my knee cap there is like sour feeling when i press on it and i think t from doing squats. but it only hurts when i press on it and it doesn’t bother me when i do anything else. any thoughts of how i can heal it? also i got jumpers knee from basketball during the school year so some treatments for that too will be good thanks.

I should start by saying I am no doctor, and do not claim to be.

I would say you negatively compounded an otherwise sore muscle with a pre-existing problem.
I have days where training makes my muscles extremely sore, and if I mixed that with a muscular imbalance I’m sure it could be bad/painful.

I expect you understand the concept of jumpers knee?
Most jumps only activate part of the lower quadriceps muscle. Doing this over and over can cause it to develop beyond the rest of the muscle, thus an imbalance.

Because of this imbalance many strength coaches have their basketball players do especially deep squats or full squats. This helps to stimulate the entire muscle and help the body regain some of its balance that it desires.

I would suggest you follow that lead. It should help you out long term, even if your weights numbers drop, that really doesn’t matter. Full squats are one of the single most challenging things in the gym.

Just my thoughts…

i think i am already doing fuill squats? but what do u mean by full squats?

Full squats are when you go all the way down so that your thighs are parralel with the floor. There’s the half-squat which most guys that you see in the gym do. They go down slightly (slight bending of the knees). This is often the case in my fitness class, most guys, well the ones that actually do the leg exercises, will put on 220+ and do a half squat and walk around bragging.

Legs parallel to the floor is a normal squat. Butt to heels is a full squat (also known as A** to Grass Squats).

Oh, my mistake then.

oo yea i am doing full squats well i go down little lower then parallel with the butt sticking out.