Kluber's breaking ball


This is Corey Kluber’s 18 strikeout performance against the Cardinals. THE CARDINALS. It would’ve been one thing if it was against an all or nothing team like the Astros but this is a solid lineup with good approaches up and down and Kluber absolutely carved them up.

He spotted 94-95 on the outside black and elevated his fastball. His breaking ball has like 10 different planes. A lot of guys have that knee-buckler, but he has one that stays on an outside plane, strike to ball, ball all the way, one that stays down like a changeup, one that runs from inside to arm side. You’ll notice he stays completely out of the middle of the plate. The swings he starts getting around the 6th are hopeless.


While watching Corey Kluber’s breathtaking performance I was reminded very much of the great Yankee pitcher Allie Reynolds, who although he didn’t pile up all those strikeouts certainly demonstrated a whole menu of breaking pitches in addition to a 100MPH fastball. A power pitcher with finesse, to be sure. Beautiful.


It didn’t hurt that the hump gave him a strike zone you could drive a Greyhound through either. OK maybe I exaggerate…a little. :smile: