King of the Hill Trainer


Is it worth the price? If not, does anyone recommend any alternatives?


Wiseguy, we train with the Power Up Wedge Pro with our hitters and pitchers. It was refered to me by Derek Johnson, Pitching coach of Mil Brewers. If you havent seen it, it straps to the players foot and helps place them in a dynamic position and forces them to understand and use the ground to move and control their weight shift. It also has really helped to keep my pitchers and hitters control and stabilize theri backside as the y gather. Many of them had a hard time not having thier knee and foot roll over toward 2B as they lifted. We use it for flat grounds, drill and bullpen work. It has proven t obe everything the manufacturer says it to be for about 1/10th the price of the KOH. we have the kids wear for 15-20 throws or swings and remove. For what it is worth every very player has mentioned they retained the feel after they removed the wedge. SOme thought the wedge felt weird, but to be honest, they needed major changes so it should feel weird.
Hope this helps.