King Kamehameha Baseball Classic

Has anyone gotten a letter with this in it to play on a team or has anyone ever played in it? You go to Hawaii to play baseball over a week but it looks like you only actually play two days. Is it good for exposure to get recruited by colleges or not?

My friend got a letter to play in it. Did you play Babe Ruth Baseball this past year?

um I play Legion Baseball, what age group is babe ruth because we don’t have that here?

13-like 16 or 17
I was just wondering because my friends that got invited played in the Babe Ruth World Series and I didn’t know if you did or not. Do you know how you got invited, like how did they see you play?

I have no clue, I’d say at my state baseball tournament, but I didn’t play in that, I had a lot of seniors in front of me this past season so I only pitched and maybe pitched thirty or forty innings this whole season so I’m not sure.

Ok thanks

Babe Ruth league is 13-15.

yea but there are higher divisions if you go onto their website you’ll see.

Ok, I guess Wyoming is just pathetic.

i was invited i really cant come up with 2 grand though lol