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i need this in an easy language please lol, i understand abduction and all that but NOT the degrees or the perimeters they use to judge degrees

Varus torque is a primary factor in the risk of elbow injury during pitching and it was hypothesized that varus torque may be affected by shoulder abduction angle and lateral trunk tilt angle. Motion data of 33 healthy, college baseball pitchers were collected at ASMI and used for computer simulation in which shoulder abduction and lateral trunk tilt angles were systematically altered from the actual movement. For each pitcher, 42 simulated motions were generated and the peak elbow varus torque for each motion was calculated.


The main effect of shoulder abduction angle on peak elbow varus torque was found to be significant (p<0.0001). The results showed minimum peak elbow varus torque at 90º and 100º of shoulder abduction. The main effect of lateral trunk tilt was also found to be significant (p<0.0001). The minimum in peak elbow varus torque was found to be at 0º of lateral trunk tilt. Finally, the interaction of shoulder abduction angle and lateral trunk tilt was also significant. The combination of 10º of lateral trunk tilt and 100º of shoulder abduction produced the minimum peak varus torque among all conditions in the study. Thus, the results of this simulation study clearly show that shoulder abduction angle and lateral trunk tilt have an affect on elbow varus torque and thus can be helpful in reducing stressful forces on the shoulder and elbow during pitching.

So are you asking what this all means then of just sharing this with everyone? I’m a tad confused…

It seems quite a lot of people understand that the rest of your body can be used to ‘share’ the load. For deceleration and - quite obviously - acceleration.

The research study in question is “Simulated influence of shoulder abduction and lateral trunk tilt on peak elbow varus torque for college baseball pitchers” from the Journal of Applied Biomechanics.

I understand the study, but I’m not sure what question you’re asking.

Shoulder abduction is drawing the arm away from the median. In other words, it’s when you raise your arm to your side.

Lateral trunk tilt is simply bending sideways. A large amount of lateral trunk tilt would be present in Tim Lincecum, if that helps you understand things. Chad Bradford would be the opposite side of lateral trunk tilt.

0 degrees of lateral trunk tilt is a pure sidearm delivery where the acromial line is perfectly parallel with the ground.

90 degrees of shoulder abduction would also be a pure sidearm delivery.

10 degrees lateral trunk tilt and 100 degrees of shoulder abduction (as quoted in the ASMI article) is a three-quarters delivery.

If your questions are about varus torque, read these links:

Not to be confused with valgus force.

Hope this helps. If you have more questions, please be more specific.

indeed you guys caught me good lol

summary i suppose… i finally have hit some areas physically that have given me much power out of my body… now i had started throwing again rushed my program significantly and paid a price of having a pop in my elbow during a throw, felt it during release like cracking your knuckles at a high speed. yes it was long toss, poorly planned

the one in gray is the throw i felt a two pops, no pain slight tenderness the following day at elbow extension. heat/rest/mobility movements after 3 days it felt normal, after a week i pr’d a deadlift and pull up.

i have doctors apt on wed, monday is a massage… i found some tightness in my tricep and lateral forearm

i also believe to have an arm balance so i have planned a routine to get my arms healthy and mobile again

uhh… i am asking this to see if my arm path is ok for high speed… i have posted here alot before look at my old videos :smiley:

i plan to also take the ball out of my glove palm up to make the path easy and fluid

i have worked hard for 2 years and i know i have the power to throw 90+ now, can my elbow hold lol

i posted this to ask what asmi is saying about a certain flaw in arm path to create a load on the elbow joint

videos soon

Those are a lot of questions. I can’t help you with most of that without working with you personally.

yes i understand, hopefully 2 things will help you

i am a left learning from righties since i was 10, so i know what it means to look outside in

two, ill have videos and have a decent background of how pitching is an art, flow v mechanics

…i dont believe its as complex as it seems anymore, but all different styles have different looks at different speeds so yeah its tough.

the videos are edited without the gun showing the numbers for time Edit this video

pen 87

long toss, the video with black pants is where i heard two not painful pops… havent thrown since but medicine ball tosses with form

forsure my timing is off with my hips and shoulders coming through with the arm… i will improve the timing with practice

Mechanically, I don’t prefer to comment without specific angles of video and preferably high-speed video. However:

  1. I bet you throw pretty hard. Upper 80’s touching 90?
  2. Overall, there’s a lot to like.

The two non-painful pops in the elbow could be hyaline cartilage just popping and nothing too serious. That being said, I’d obviously look into it, and it sounds like you are doing just that.

Your delivery (in long toss) is very high three-quarters. Generally this will put a little more stress on the shoulder and less on the elbow; IMO this is preferable as the shoulder complex can be more specifically trained to withstand higher stress levels. On the mound you have a more standard 3/4 arm slot that’s quite a bit lower than your long toss arm slot. This isn’t necessarily a problem; just an observation.

I wouldn’t necessarily change anything.

ya i havent hit higher than 89 no higher than 87 from mound… but i have a better body now than then so i should be able to do better

wed is my appointment ill let you guys know on this topic when i hit my numbers… im looking for 92-93 from OF

my throwing program will be much better paced than how i hurt myself recently… so ill keep up to date