Kid who Sidearms and Short Arms at same time

So on our team we have a kid who is very naturally strong and actually develops good velocity due to his strength. I have watched him for a year and a half but am now the team pitching coach. Worked with him a bit in the fall and he was very very wild, plus after about 20 throws he said his arm hurt so we stopped.

Mechanically what he does looks painful. He has his elbow well below his shoulder and his hand comes through around his neck to ear area. I can see why it hurts. Everything is very bent up and close to his body to throw like this.

So my question is this. If you have a kid who has this issue what do you do to fix it. Coaches have been telling him to get his elbow and hand up to no avail. Is that the only real fix there is or can we focus on getting his hand further away from his body and leave the elbow where it is safely? He seems to want to throw sidearm naturally.

This is U10 level.

A video would help. It sounds like he is “short arming” it. Does it look like he’s throwing darts at a dart board? If so, he may not be a pitcher, 10u is too early to tell. A lot of little leaguers short arm it. I’d keep him off the mound and concentrate on playing catch. When he looks more comfortable throwing you can reintroduce the mound. Sounds like a potential catcher.

The short-arming might be the result - not the cause - of the pain. Pitchers who are nursing an injury or trying to recover from an injury will often “shorten the lever” to reduce the forces on the arm.

I’d shut him down until I talked to him and his parents about possible past injuries and work load including high pitch count outings, insufficient days of rest between outings, and when and for how long was his last time off from overhead throwing (including other sports such as tennis, volleyball and football QB).