Kid from Kona Hawaii 10 years old

Hi, I’m new to the forum and have a son who is learning to pitch.Been pitching for almost a year. Low arm slot is natural,not taught. Zero arm pain and seems to be very durable.Above average movement,speed.Some control issues though. Ball tails in on lefties and away from righties, problem is the ball gets away from catcher a fair amount especially if he is outside already. Typically will throw anywhere from 10-12 strikes on a 15 pitch bullpen, the balance will be around the plate.likes to work outside corner. When he pitches inside a lot of kids bail from the box and it usually a called strike. His control issues are worse when he gets under pressure. Any advice would be great. Throws a four-seam, two seam, and a circle change.

Thank you for looking!

side view with some editing for a few reps would be good. He looks good from 45 ft though

Just now checking back. I will get some better videos from the front and side. Thanks for looking.

Hey everyone,
Finally got some better video of my son. He was actual pitching off a mound in the video which he doesn’t have a whole lot of experience with. One thing I’m thinking is that his glove stays put in front of his body instead of rotating back and up when his throwing side is finishing. So his arm is basically finishing across his body. Any thoughts? Thanks for looking

Rear view

Side view