Kicking Field Goals

Even though this isn’t baseball related, I was curious to see if anyone else enjoys kicking field goals? It’s a pretty relaxing but still competitive event for me and my friends.

Unfortunately, most of my sneakers have aged to the point the front of the shoe has curved up and become soft. That more or less ruins most kicks, so I try to kick barefoot (which works really well except for the occasional bad kick that lightly jams a toe). So far, the furthest I’ve made is just 50 yards, but I’m looking to increase that distance soon.

Okay, I don’t want to sound stupid here but if you are kicking fifty yard field goals, there’s nothing to improve on. You should be on an NFL payroll. The longest field goal documented in history is something like 63 yards. :idea:

Yeah, I’m not exactly accurate. And on top of that, only a few have gone in from that distance (I only recently made/attempted them).

I think you might be surprised by how many people can kick 50’s. I’d guess most people who have a decent/good soccer kick can get near that distance if they try (and make the soccer ball to football adjustment).

Sidenote: I don’t think the NFL is looking for 5’6", 155 pound people.

This guy is from my era…a pretty good kicker from Penn State. He was barely 5’10" and 175 lbs. sopping wet.

Matt Bahr.

I used to sneak onto my (D1) college’s football field in the evening and run steps and kick field goals. My longest was 53. One evening I was catching my breath at midfield, laying down with my head on a football, when the head coach and linebackers suddenly came out of the tunnel for some goal-line drills. I froze, just sitting there, and watched. The middle linebacker later played 8 years for the Tampa Bay Bucs. Of course today I’d be arrested for that.

I considered walking on but couldn’t muster the courage. I had tried walking on to the baseball team and got booted! In hindsight though I regret not walking on as a kicker. I think I could have made it considering our kicker then. :lol:

Dino -
Being the curious, intern enabled, person that I am, I looked up Matt Bahr. That’s pretty awesome. Star in soccer and football, not bad at all.

South paw-
That’s a nice kick to hit it in from 53. That’s awesome that you could go on the field back then. My college locks up the entrance to the sport fields for some reason (we also don’t have a football team). If it makes you feel any better, most football players are in rough shape after their college or pro careers.


Yes, I was lucky to be able to just walk on the field back then (late 70s). Especially considering it was (and is) a major D1 program in a major conference, which since then has won a few National Championships. I think technically it was illegal to go on the field even back then, but the field was artificial turf so I guess there wasn’t the issue of tearing up the field (today it’s grass, the field is locked, and I’d be arrested before I could get in one kick :lol:).