Khalil Wilson pitching analysis

First pitch curveball strike one looking, second pitch curveball fouled off, 3rd pitch fastball strike three. Thoughts? Thanks.

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Nice back door curve and good heater to put him away. Looks really solid. What’s his velocity currently? What’s he working on mechanically?

The last time i saw him clocked i believe he topped at 74-75 and sat around 72-73, that was about a month or two before this video. I thought that he was throwing a little harder but thats what the scoreboard said. I went and bought a radar gun and tried to clock him while i was catching him and it seemed to be way off, it was reading something like mid 50’s so i haven’t really had an accurate reading for him. He is wanting to go from high 3/4 to low 3/4 and I’m thinking about letting him, other than that we plan on trying to get more arm side run to his 2 seam, and changeup, and of course add velocity. He will be 16 on 7/7 and weighs around 158, in your opinion if he topped at 74-75 do you think he can crack 80+ by next season, around January? We’ve been following tuff cuff, and are about to start phase 1 week 5 tomorrow.

Nice delivery. Seems smooth. I like the pitch sequence. I used to drop curve balls in for strike one all the time to the better hitters in the line up. They go up there with a plan and the plan doesn’t include chasing junk on the first pitch. I used that to heavy advantage. Once you get below #6 in the order…I make them hit my fastball and maybe finish them off with a knee-buckler, if I’m feeling evil.

I really agree. I don’t really have anything to add from a mechanical standpoint. He looks really good. Post another angle here in the coming days or his next outing and we might be able to provide additional support. But keep up the great work!

What type of radar did you buy?

After taking a second look…

One thing that might help is to work on the landing leg calf being vertical at foot plant.
When looking from home plate toward the pitcher, if the landing leg knee is to the left or right of the landing leg ankle, then your lower body has to divert energy / mass to the left or right (away from the target line) to balance the upper half over the lower half. The simple formula of mass=gas tells you that having maximum weight flowing along the target line is better than any alternative amount.

Another thing is perhaps work on some core strength. If he can tone that up then it will also really help to increase the efficiency of energy transfer from the lower to the upper half.
Additionally, it appears (may be the angle) that he lands closed off. It may be an illusion from the camera angle, but it’s something that may help get the hips get more powerfully involved during rotation.

All-in-all some pretty good mechanics.

It was a Bushnell that I bought from Sports Authority. I don’t know if I was using it wrong or what while I was at home plate catching him but it seemed to be way off. It sucks because he wanted to know what his velocity was before we started working out so he can see how much he’s gained after the workouts. So I just returned it and figured that if we work hard he will make improvements in velocity and other parts.

Yes I agree, that’s actually one of the things that I noticed when I slowed the video down before. Do you or anyone know how we can correct his plant leg from leaning or moving to the left like that? And yes he has been doing a good bit of conditioning to get his mid section a little more lean, the only problem is I don’t want him to actually lose to much weight and lose velocity when he’s trying to gain. Thoughts?

He can lose weight without it impacting his velocity…especially if that weight is not helping him. If he converts some of that weight to muscle, and don’t forget that it’s easier to get a lighter weight moving more quickly. Acceleration is also a key to velocity. Don’t get so hung up on mass that we grant bad weight equal value with good weight. If his mid-section is not strong enough to transfer all the potential energy to the upper half, then that weight is not helping him.

One thing is to get him to stride on the target line instead of striding to the 3rd base side of the target line. The closer he gets to midline, the more vertical the lower leg will get. Rocker drills, lateral jumps, Hershiser drills, etc. Have him send the outside of the stride ankle directly down the target line during the stride.

Bushnell has a limited range comared to stalker & jugs. Not necessarily inaccurate, just doesn’t pick up speed out of the hand as quickly. Further away you are the more off its going to be. Try standing directly behind your son when he pitches and should be much closer. Sons instructor has a bushnell & I have a stalker sport. When recording directly behind pitcher his Bushnell is typically 1-2 mph less than my stalker.

Ditto on Pitcher17’s recommendation. The gun must point directly at the line of the ball path. So if you can stand behind him and get readings with the gun pointed directly at his release point and towards his throwing target you should get better numbers.

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