Kevin Brzuziewski Video Analysis

Freshman RHP at D3 College. Thoughts? This is about 5 months ago but I just wanted some initial feedback. I will post a video of my bullpen tomorrow.

Good to have you on the forum. Focus on the landing of your stride foot. Your stride foot lands way open, and therefore your knee and hips follow.

Ideally, your stride foot toes should point directly to the target or be slightly closed (toward 3B). Put some white athletic tape down in a straight line toward home plate, and then as you throw your bullpen, aim to land with your foot on the athletic tape and toes to the target.


I think you open up your lower half too early in your stride. And that may lead to the front foot planting open. I’d like to see you lead with the front hip longer into your stride. That should help you keep the lower half closed longer and rotate later. Might also try lifting the front knee to the back shoulder. Consider using the NPA’s Hershiser drill and Cross-over drill to practicing these changes.

From foot is turned way open at front foot strike putting a lot of stress on the arm. Your front foot also flies out way to early and you look like you are throwing your front leg out instead of it being passive and Isi g the drive leg more.

Your front leg also doesn’t seem to stabilize well.