Has anyone had any experience with kettlebells? I’ve heard some good things abou them and I want to learn more from people who have experience with them.

I consider them another tool in the box to accomplish an objective.

I don’t think they are “the answer” meaning that they accomplish everything much like some “gurus” would have you believe. However, there are some awesome movements that can be done with them.

It has pointed that a lot of the movement can be done just fine with dumbells. Just something to think about.

Read Pavel’s stuff if you want to learn more about Kettlebells.
He’s probably considered the #1 person on them and well he trained Spesnaz officers so you know he can woop someone lol.


Do you know what weight kettlebell would be good for a 16 year old? And where could I get them at?

I never understood the fascination with kettlebells til I saw Pavel’s marketing angle. “Comrade” is used quite frequently, as are his associations between kettlebells and being “manly.” Still, there aren’t too many functional differences between a kettlebell lift and a dumbbell lift. The kettlebell puts the weight at a different position relative to the arm, so you’ll be using lower #'s with a bell. The other problem is cost - kettlebells are extremely expensive.

I’d definitely recommend watching some of Pavel’s clips if you need a laugh (in addition to some decent information).

“It’s hot… manly…”