Kettlebell training for pitchers?

I’ve heard David Price uses kettlebells to keep his body in shape in-season. What do you guys think of kettlebell training for pitchers? There’s different movements you can get through squatting, swinging, pressing and rotating. Has anyone used this type of training with their guys or know of any kettlebell workouts that are effective?

I believe there are several articles on Stack TV about using kettlebells to train pitchers. The consensus, at least on Stack, seems to be that they are just as effective as Olympic lifts and a lot safer.

I like kettle bells.
They are great for working on movement and strength. Doing KB swings are not to replace heavy lifting (squats, deads ect) but they are versatile tools.

Agree with the others. I use them now once or twice a week for crossfit now that my playing days are done. But would encourage their use only in the offseason for pitchers. I still think any heavy shoulder exercise like kbs add a lot of stress, which is good in the offseason, but when combined with mound pitching can significantly increase the risk of fatigue and even muscle pulls or strains during the season.

See, I was thinking they could possibly be more useful in-season for the simple fact you aren’t lifting heavy loads. Instead, you can get deeper into movements, for instance with a swing-squat you can hinge deeper than you would with a barbell squat; more engaging. I think it’s also an effective way to train the core. I would agree though, technique needs to be perfected, making sure you aren’t swinging the bells over shoulder level, and keeping pressing movements to a minimum. Just my thoughts…

@kingbrady totally cool with that. Well said. Form is really the key here like you said. I’d prefer seeing guys going lighter with the kg but get that full ROM in season of using them. Really up that weight in the offseason.

Btw, did a kettlebell workout earlier this week and still feeling the burn. That’s what happens with old age. DOMS sucks :smile: