Does anyone have any positive or negative stories in regards to ketosis? I have been reading articles involving the development of agriculture and the movement away from hunter-gatherer natures. It seems as if the development, while beneficial for larger populations, has reduced stature, life expectancy, and infant mortality.

For those who dont know, ketosis is a state where the body derives energy from burning fat rather than carbohydrates. This is achieved by consuming more fats and proteins and only consuming carbs once weekly to “carb up” and allow your body to replenish glycogen stores.

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Is this a condition you are intentionally trying or considering to create? IIRC from school days burning fat for energy is a goal of dieters but can be tricky in athletes as energy from stored fat is released slower than enery from other sources.

I believe a drastic form of ketosis would be runners “hiiting the wall” in a marathon. Glycogen stores are gone and the runner is burning fat for energy. Fat is more difficult to metabolize for energy thus the slow release of energy and subsequent response.

I can see how this is more sought after for bodybuilders and people trying to lose weight. Essentially, as a pitcher, we would require the ability to burn quick energy in carbohydrates in order to pitch.

Hmmmmmmm… Question, Keto to look good in the fall/winter, back to a 40-30-30 in the spring to get into real baseball shape.

Would being in Ketosis negatively impact an offseason throwing program?

Yes. Significantly.

Gimmick diets and nutrition tricks like ketogenic diets are best focused on for removing stubborn fat in bodybuilders. For lean athletes who carry normal levels of bodyfat (12-16%), this stuff is next to useless. And in overweight/obese populations, it’s actually useless. Caloric intake matters the most.

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