Kerry Rosenboom

Has anyone here tryed Kerry Rosenboom’s workouts for baseball athletes? You can check out his website at The guy does have his CSCS and is the strength coach at a somewhat large school. He claims that he has guys in college and the pro level working out 6 days a week in the off season and 3 days a week during the inseason.

I’m just curious if anyone else knows anything about this website or if the program is a solid program to follow.

I havent heard of him, but his resume looks pretty solid. Been a strength coach at the same University for the past 18 years, several awards at that level, and CSCS certified. It said that a 4 week program cost 40 dollars, and in my mind that is a bit pricey. You can get books from really good strength coaches for less than that. So I guess it is worth it if you do not want to have to put any time into your routine - just take the program he sends you and do that.

It’s a matter of preference.