Here is a rather simple mechanics question but one that does not get enough attention. My entire career, I’ve been a “high ball” pitcher. I’m 41, still throw in the low 80’s, and have success pitching “above the belt”. Unfortunately, my years of throwing this way make keeping the ball down difficult. Is there a RULE OF THUMB for keeping the ball down (i.e., bending back leg more, increasing stride, etc.) that might be easy to remember. All I can say is that when I do keep the ball down, the heater dips considerably sharper. I would like to stay on that plane consistently but merely concentrating on it isn’t working. Any ideas at all? [/b]


keep it simple, just throw it lower. have the catcher lay the glove on the ground if you have to. changing mechanics unless they are prone to injury can be counterproductive. think more feel and touch. know where the thumb and fingers are. koufax felt the “v” between his index and middle finger in his mind’s eye. find something that works for you.